Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst

Phantasy Star Online (PSO) is considered one of, if not the greatest, Sega Dreamcast games ever. The first online RPG for consoles, Phantasy Star Online is beloved by many a Dreamcast fan.

And I wanna know what all this is about.

Care to join me, fellow Rabbits?

So... how is this gonna work?

Since SEGA closed down all the PSO servers, fans have had to step up and create private servers. One of them is Tethealla, which powers the Ephinea server, which based on the link you've probably noticed, is exactly what we're going to use.

How do I play?

First you'll need to register for an account. Just do a Normal account, don't worry about Hardcore or Sandbox accounts (since accounts of different types can't play with each other (for a variety of reasons).

Then you'll need to download the client, which it'll offer once you register and it lets you know about the activation email. (Check the spam folder in case the email doesn't show up in your inbox.) It may be slow, and the file is 600-odd megabytes, so a download manager is recommended. (I go with Free Download Manager, despite the somewhat sketchy name.)

Alternatively, I have a backup of it on MEGA.

After you download and install the client, you'll need to let the loader update, and then the game itself once you start it. (Keep in mind when you've updated the game through the game itself, you'll need to restart the game from the loader to start the game itself.)

You'll also need to create a character. That's kinda important as well, because... y'know.... it's an RPG.

Remember to choose the ship, block, and party mentioned in the #announcements channel on Discord.

Also, there's only four at a time allowed in a party, so first come first served!

What are the controls?

I'd personally suggest reading the Beginner's Guide that the server has, but for the bare-bones basics...

F12 - menu during play (where you can set up options for the game, chat, and also quit the game)
WASD - move around (unless you changed the settings)
Mouse - well, you can use the scroll wheel to move the camera closer to or further away from you; outside of that, not much else
Spacebar - talk to other players via your keyboard, also this is where you do that /help thing the game tells you about in the lobby. (would prefer using the chat functions